Floral head bands and hair pieces

Hey pretty things …if you didn’t see my Tweets or Facebook posts this week here’s a quick post of the Daisy hairband and floral hair comb that I have made that have been seen on the likes of Lana Del Rey and Peaches Geldof. These will be perfect for the spring and will take you through to the summer worn with a vintage dress, perfect for festivals and party’s. I will be making more and should be popping them up for sale soon….stay tuned for more information.

Daisy Hair Band (Sorry about the self portrait didn't know how to display so it would be clear)

Daisy Hair Band (Sorry about the self portrait didn’t know how to display so it would be clear)


Wear with Summery Vintage Dresses

Wear with Summery Vintage Dresses

Floral Hair comb

Floral Hair comb

Harvey Nics Widows

I haven’t done a shop window post in a while and Harvey Nichols have just changed there windows…so seen as I walk by everyday and they have a super cool super hero theme I thought I would take a few quick snaps.  I love the futuristic superhero look they have gone for it is really fitting for the season’s trends such as comic book brights and prints, cartoon jumpers and perspex accessories.  I also liked their use of recycled staging, giant fish made from old computer chips and wires and birds that looked like solar panels.  Anyways far too much detail for me to even keep waffling on about, every time I walk past I notice something different…get on down there this weekend and sneak a peek for your selves, maybe walk by a few times to spot something I haven’t.  Also if you walk round onto the Deansgate side there is the other window with a similar display of fun-ness which I haven’t managed to snap…but here’s a few I have …enjoy.x.

Harvey Nic's Bright Super Hero windows

Harvey Nic’s Bright Super Hero windows

There's something fishy going on...

There’s something fishy going on…


Is it a bird?...is it a Plane?

Is it a bird?…is it a Plane?